A Coastal Legacy: The Timeless Journey of Forbes Seafood Restaurant and Lafayette’s Oceanfront Resort

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Nestled along the shores of Wells Beach, Forbes Seafood Restaurant and Lafayette’s Oceanfront Resort embody a rich history of family hospitality and coastal charm. Since 1921, the Forbes family has been serving up delectable dishes, while their contributions to the town of Wells have left an indelible mark. Join us as we explore the intertwined stories of Forbes Seafood Restaurant and Lafayette’s Oceanfront Resort, an enduring legacy of generosity, community spirit, and a passion for providing unforgettable experiences to beachgoers, tourists, and townies alike.

Forbes Seafood Restaurant: A Seaside Classic:

For over 100 years, Forbes Seafood Restaurant has been a beloved coastal eatery, captivating visitors with its tantalizing menu and heartwarming family atmosphere. The Forbes family’s journey began in 1921 when Vander Sr. and Marguerite Forbes first started working in Wells Beach. Their dedication to crafting delightful fried seafood, fries, and other coastal favorites soon earned them a devoted following among locals and tourists.

A Culinary Delight from Sunrise to Sunset:

From the crack of dawn, Forbes Seafood Restaurant beckons with the irresistible aroma of freshly brewed coffee, muffins, and a sumptuous breakfast menu. As the sun rises, the dining room opens, inviting patrons to indulge in eggs and bacon, French toast, pancakes, fresh-cut fruit, and the ever-popular breakfast sandwich. Many customers seize the opportunity to start their day early, grabbing a quick breakfast before embarking on a beach adventure, with parking spots conveniently secured in the adjacent lot.

As the morning turns to afternoon, the lunch/dinner menu takes center stage, offering a delightful array of seafood delights and other coastal classics. The modern, casual beachside setting, complete with indoor and outdoor seating, creates the perfect ambiance for savoring these culinary treasures.

Lafayette’s Oceanfront Resort: A Family Haven:

The story of Lafayette’s Oceanfront Resort intertwines with the Forbes family’s commitment to Wells Beach. Founded by Vander Sr. and Marguerite Forbes, the motel that now stands as Lafayette’s Oceanfront Resort was originally known as the Marguerite Hotel. Over the years, the family’s dedication to hospitality and the creation of unforgettable experiences led to the expansion and evolution of the resort.


The intertwined stories of Forbes Seafood Restaurant and Lafayette’s Oceanfront Resort form a timeless legacy of coastal delight and community spirit. From the mouthwatering seafood dishes of Forbes Seafood Restaurant to the warm hospitality of Lafayette’s Oceanfront Resort, the Forbes family’s commitment to Wells Beach shines brightly. Their contributions to the town, both gastronomic and philanthropic, have made them cherished members of the community and left a lasting impression on the hearts of those who have experienced their coastal haven.